Status Alerts System informs MEAN, NPGA members

NMPP Energy recently developed a real-time alerts status emergency communication notification system for members of the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) and National Public Gas Agency (NPGA).

NMPP Energy Alerts, developed in-house by NMPP’s Digital Solutions Group, can send emergency status notifications by email or text messaging to MEAN and NPGA board representatives regarding emergency events impacting the wholesale electricity and natural gas industries. Information was recently shared with MEAN and NPGA Board representatives on how to subscribe to the notification system.

Alerts for MEAN are set up for Energy Emergency Alerts for the regional wholesale electricity regions which MEAN participates in, which includes the Southwest Power Pool, Midcontinent Independent System Operator and Western Interconnection, and board notices. NPGA alerts are set up for weather events, pipeline alerts and board notices.

The goal of the notification system is to improve communication with MEAN and NPGA member representatives, especially during times of emergencies that could impact communities such as last winter’s extreme weather event, which caused controlled power outages across the region.