Power Supply Resources

MEAN's power supply resources consist of owned, leased and purchased power supply. This portfolio includes all MEAN resources, participant Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) allocations and Designated Network Resources used to serve the total of MEAN's participants' electric load.

Power Supply Resources (MW Capacity)

mean resource chart


Hydro - In addition to MEAN contracts, includes resources owned by MEAN participants and MEAN participant WAPA allocations.

Hydro Displacement - Under the displacement agreement with WAPA, MEAN receives hydroelectric generated energy in WECC from capacity in the agreement. Under a bilateral settlement schedule, MEAN pays SPP for the related energy for WAPA’s customers in SPP. MEAN also provides an equal amount of capacity to WAPA’s customers in SPP from various MEAN contracted resources. MEAN does not receive Renewable Energy Credits for this resource.

Coal - Includes owned (18%) and purchased energy (20%) through contracts.

Oil/Gas - Participant generation, which is typically used only as a standby resource for emergencies.

MEAN's Carbon Neutral Vision 2050

MEAN is working toward a carbon neutral power resource portfolio after the MEAN Board of Directors in 2020 approved a carbon neutral vision resolution. Learn more.

MEAN's 2022 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)
MEAN revises its Integrated Resource Plan every five years. Click here to read.