Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska Services

THE Power of Purpose

We take our responsibility to municipalities seriously. Your communities are filled with people, businesses and institutions that depend on you to keep the power flowing. They depend on you – and you can depend on us. We’re here to support you as you meet the challenges of providing electricity. Our team is available any time, day or night, to connect you with experienced experts who can help you get through rough spots, improve efficiency or plan for the future.

Electricity needs are undergoing seismic changes, and the industry is constantly evolving.  With our members in mind, we look two steps ahead to create products and services that make your life easier. Whether you need wholesale electricity supply or other related services, you can lean on  MEAN. We’re from towns just like yours, so we understand what it takes to keep a municipality running.

Several services, in addition to those available to all Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) members, are provided to long-term power supply participants of MEAN, including:

APPA and DEED Membership dues

MEAN pays 100 percent of the membership dues to the American Public Power Association and APPA's Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments (DEED) Scholarship program. APPA is the national advocate of 2,000 municipally-owned utilities. 

MEAN scholarship program

MEAN Scholarship Program
Available for employees and elected officials from MEAN member communities that purchase bulk power under the Schedule M or K power Schedules. Includes training for lineworkers, community development, safety, elected officials or clerks, performance management or APPA-sponsored courses.  See scholarship application

MEAN APPA National Conference Scholarship Program
Available for MEAN (full schedule M contract only communities) board/management committee members to attend the American Public Power Association's national conference.

Lineworker Scholarships: Funding assistance for any program, workshop, conference, etc. related to lineworker-specific areas.

Click here for a scholarship application.

Commercial energy audits

Energy audits performed for commecial/industrial customers.

Energy efficiency program

MEAN provides a suite of cash-incentivized energy efficiency programs to all wholesale power supply participants. For more information on these programs, click here

Customer-Owned Generation Resource Guide

MEAN power supply participants receive a free copy of the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool's Customer-Owned Generation Resource Guide.

Cost of Service/Rate Design Study Program assistance

MEAN provides partial financial assistance to its wholesale power supply participants (Schedule M and K) that participate in the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool's Cost of Service Rate Design Study program.

Safety and training opportunities

Workshops and training opportunities may be held throughout the year on utility safety and training topics specifically for MEAN power supply participants.

Computer software Value Support Plan assistance

MEAN provides financial assistance to power supply participants (Schedule M) that subscribe to PowerManager's annual Value Support Plan, which includes a regular support plan and keeps users of the suite of software programs on the most current software version.


All members of the NMPP Energy coalition also have access to services provided by NMPP services. These are affordable, high-impact services including:

Rate Services

Cost of Service/Retail Rate Design Studies
Aids decision-makers in understanding system costs and determining rates for large and small customers. more info

Wholesale Energy Cost Analysis
Provides cost comparison between existing electricity wholesale supplier and the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska.

Annual Rate Survey of Regional Municipal Utilities
An annual survey of electric, water and sewer rates of more than 130 regional municipal utilities, including NMPP members and non-members.

Regulatory Assistance Services

EIA Reporting Assistance
NMPP provides assistance in preparing U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Energy Information Administration EIA-860 (Annual Electric Generator Report), Form EIA-861 (Annual Electric Power Industry Report) and EIA-923 (Annual Power Plant Operations Report). see flyer

Clean Air Act Applications
Assistance completing the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality’s application for Air Contaminant Source Specific Permit for electric power plants.

NDEE Reporting Assistance
Assistance with applications and filings required by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) including permit applications/renewals, emissions reporting, records maintenance and more.

Electric Distribution Services Program

Annual ongoing program assisting utilities in maintaining their electric distribution systems. Includes services such as meter verification audits and infrared energy audits to benefit large account customers. Can be customized to fit utility's needs. Program participants also receive National Electric Safety Code Manual, APPA safety manuals, PCB manual and more. Click here for an EDS program flyer.

Infrared Energy Audits
Identifies abnormal heat in electrical and mechanical systems, helps predict equipment trouble and revenue loss.

Meter Verification Audits
Ensures utilities that their large account electric meters are working properly. Click here for more information.

Commercial/Industrial Energy Audits
Staff assists MEAN bulk power participants by performing an energy audit, recommending steps to improve energy efficiency and linking utility customers with a grant or loan program.

Power Supply Planning and Dispatching
Staff conduct Integrated Resource Planning studies and develop projections for electric load growth; economical scheduling of generating resources; mutual aid; monitoring of community electrical loads and more.

Education Services

Member Exclusive Education Sessions
Workshops, retreats and forums covering a variety of topics for member communities and their development. Past workshops topics include load management, smart grid operations, net metering, energy efficiency, economic development, and business retention and expansion.

Economic/Industrial Development Assistance
Staff provides developmental tools and resource information to help member communities create quality living and steady growth in your community.

NMPP Energy News Subscription
All NMPP members receive complimentary copies of the monthly NMPP Energy News that covers news and pertinent information to the membership of NMPP.

NMPP Electric Utility Training Initiative Scholarship
This scholarship provides funding for reimbursement of registration/tuition fees for qualifying electric utility training programs. Click here to download a scholarship application. For upcoming training opportunities through the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) click here. For upcoming training opportunities through Kansas Municipal Utilities click here.

Utility & Business Management Software

PowerManager® – A powerful software package that allows utilities and businesses to handle a diverse range of tasks, including payroll, inventory, billing, accounts receivable, general ledger, accounts payable, budget projection and more.

Customer Relations Services

Energy Efficiency Programs
MEAN provides a suite of energy efficiency programs that provide cash incentives paid directly to customers to help cover the cost of energy-efficient upgrades. Read more

Community Utility Newsletter
Staff assists utilities/communities in designing and producing your utility/community creation of utility newsletter to enhance customer communication.

Utility Brochure Service
Development of brochure to promote your electric utility.

Logo Creation
Development of utility or city logo to enhance the image in the community.

Electric Demand Services

Power Factor Improvement
Assistance in determining sizing and location of capacitance to improve overall system efficiency.

Net Metering Service
A three-option service that assists member utilities in fulfilling their net metering service obligation through affordable, cost-based rates. Net Metering Flyer - pdf

General Services

Mutual Aid Program
NMPP coordinates a mutual aid program between members for disaster recovery and emergency assistance. Click here for more information on the program.

Natural Gas Feasibility Studies
Determines whether your community should own and operate its natural gas system.

Energy Research and Development Scholarship Fund
Funding for projects and studies that promote innovative energy efficiency. Click here for more details.

Legislative Advocacy
NMPP continually monitors issues and advocates on behalf of its membership, keeping the value of local control at the heart of its philosophy.